The All American Diner – Habitat


The All American Diner is perhaps the first American style food joints of Delhi. Located inside India Habitat Centre, this place emits good vibes. Our all time favourites are Sunrise Skillet (also a must try as per Zomato listing) and pancakes with maple syrup, honey etc.

T’Pot Cafe – Tea bar in Malviya Nagar


T’pot Cafe, Malviya Nagar looks like a set from a KJo film – florescent color walls, guitars for decor etc. Thronged by college kids mostly, its a very noisy place almost like a college canteen. We ordered basic stuff like Masala ginger tea and muffin and liked it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel-A comic murder mystery


In a decadent Hungarian luxury hotel Ralph Fiennes, the concierge “Gustav M” befriends rich lonely widows, creates a special bond with them and they keep coming back fore more…and then there’s a murder, a stolen painting, a prison break, chase and the works. It’s a very smart film with a host of big Hollywood stars that keeps you at the edge of your seat for a reasonable duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Tyger Tyger-Play written by Khushwant Singh


Khushwant Singh’s Tyger Tyger was enacted by the team of Saksham Theatre Group. The play is based on the responses of the tourists and the guest house staff at a forest bungalow when a man eater was on the prowl.

Dilli Haat comes to Janak Puri


The newly opened Dilli Haat at Janakpuri is resulting in to traffic nightmares in that area but this is indeed worth a dekko. It has a stone bamboo facade and the architecture is unique. The stalls are like round cells, somewhat like honeycomb, with designer iron grill gates, that double up as mounts for the [...]

Kolkata Biryani House-Calcutta style Biryani in Delhi NCR


The Kolkata Biryani House in Gurgaon served us an almost perfect Biryani in the Calcutta style. This Biryani emanated from the Awadhi style brought to Kolkata by Wajed Ali Shah. It always comes with a huge boiled potato and is subtly flavored with saffron, rose water and other fragrant spices.

Rang De Basanti Dhaba – Let Sarojini Nagar be for clothes only


Rang De Basanti (a dhaba themed restaurant) has moved to a mall in the Sarojini Nagar market. We had liked the experience at their erstwhile outlet at South Ex. The tractor looked stylish there, here it looked redundant. Its an OK place if you want typical north Indian food. Nothing much to write home about.

Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge-Probably the only tea bar in north West Delhi


The concept of tea lounges is uncommon in north/west Delhi and we were pleasantly surprised to discover Waagh Bakri Tea Lounge – the place is aesthetic but unassuming. The tables had many board games such as Chess, Scrabble etc. Our tea that evening was sweeter because of the longish hand that we had on Scrabble.