Things to do in Delhi Winter – 2 – Humayun’s Tomb


A perfect day activity for the chilly Delhi winters – Humayun’s Tomb is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset.

Things to do in Delhi Winter-1 – Parathey Wali Gali


If you have not already visited Paratha Wali Galli, do try it this winter. It is a short walk from the Chandni Chowk Metro and the stalls are open throughout the week.

North East Festival: Exploring north east beyond momos


North east festival: A celebration of north east culture in Delhi. A part of the Delhi Art Festival this brought about unique tastes in food, craft and music to the capital.

Bijoli Grill-A taste of Bengal


Bijoli Grill runs the restaurant at Banga Bhawan at Hailey Road. This is a viable option for trying Bengali food at affordable prices.

Nomadic Haat: An Indian handicrafts shop in subway


A literally hidden treasure is this quaint crafts store located in the subway. Given its unusual nick knacks If you are visiting Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan, Nomadic Haat is worth a peek.

The Vagina Monologues


A women oriented play that has been translated in various languages and performed over the world. The professionalism makes this play worth watching.

A must stop for lovers of bakery & patisserie in Kolkata


Flurys is a renowned tearoom in Calcutta holding on to its English style heritage. A must stop for lovers of bakery and patisserie.

Wrong Rasiya – Film based on maverick painter Raja Ravi Verma went wrong in many places


Rang Rasiya – A film based on the maverick painter Raja Ravi Verma that lacks a purpose or soul. A wastage of a very interesting subject.

Midnight Biryani Buffet at Park Plaza


Midnight dinner option in Gurgaon – this is an Indian buffet with dessert that opens after 12 am. Apart from being tasty, relaxed and laid back, Park Plaza’s midnight biryani buffet is also very addictive.

IITF 2014 India International Trade Fair – The Bigg Boss of all fairs


Pragati Maidan hosts the Bigg Boss of all fairs – IITF 2014. India International Trade Fair is a platform where one comes across many innovations, agriculture products, weaving, crafts and cottage industries along with a host of options for food and entertainment.