5 Kanjak gifts better than plastic moulded lunch boxes


Ashtami/Navami kanya pujan is commonly known as Kanjak festival in north India. Are you sick of gifting china made plastic molded lunch boxes, pencil boxes and hair clips as Kanjak gifts. Try something different this time. Here’s a list of five cute gift items that you can buy under Rs 100/-.

Anaahat: At crossroads between desire and duty


An Amol Palekar directed Marathi movie is about a queen who agrees to mate with another man just to conceive. In the process, she, for the first time in her life experiences the pleasures of sex that the impotent king could never provide. This brings her at the crossroads where she has to choose between cardinal desire and her duties as a queen and a doting wife.

NH10: Simply Brilliant!


NH10 is undoubtedly one of the best films of 2015 so far. The film is so “edge of the seat” your bum starts hurting by the end of it. Anushka Sharma left us wide eyed, open jawed and helplessly in love with her.

“Rage and Beyond – Irawati’s Gandhari” – Tale of a Queen who lost all battles

Rage and Beyond - Irawatis Gandhari META reviews delhifundos

The play depicts the life of Gandhari-The queen with a blindfold and mother of Kauravas, the villains in epic Mahabharata. Presented through Kathak on Guitar, this performance sets the tone for META 2015 (Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards) and we look forward to some great lineup of plays this year.

A trip to Mughal Garden and Lunch at Nathu’s Sweets


There is something about Mughal Gardens. Whenever we go there it makes us nostalgic like revisiting a same old place but at the same time we keep looking for what’s new this time. Untimely showers on a Sunday morning made our trip to Mughal Garden even more pleasant. Its a must do for every Delhiite.

Zanotta – The Leela: Italian Fine Dining in Delhi NCR


Zanotta at The Leela Ambience – an Italian restaurant that serves innovative Italian food. If you want to explore this cuisine beyond pizza / pasta you should try this place as an occasional indulgence.

Civilization on Trial – Bharat Rang Mahotsav


Man vs. machine / US vs. the world – An NSD student production “Civilisation on trial” deals with such sensitive issues in an abstract but comic and entertaining way.

Dum laga ke haisha is a dumdaar film


Dum laga ke haisha is an offbeat film about finding love in an arranged marriage. The film beautifully captures the charm of the 90s and the aspirations of that era.

Juneja’s Eating Plaza – Simple but delicious non veg food in South Delhi


Juneja’s at Lodhi Colony is a simple joint recommended for Indian food – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. One can consider takeaway since there are long waiting during dining hours.

LE CHANTS DE I’ UMAI – Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2015

LE CHANTS DE I UMAI-Bharat Rang Mahotsav reviews

LE CHANTS DE I’ UMAI is an abstract performance that combines chants, music and dance with technology. The audience were spellbound after the show.