DANCE PEACE – Performance by story dancer Zuleikha

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Zuleikha - Story Dancer

Venue: Epicenter, Gurgaon

Storydancing is a very old tradition of India. We know it by the different names – the classical Kathak (etymology of “Kathak” – “katha” / narrative) or the folk Pandavani (singing of Mahabharat tales, traditionally from the Indian state of Chhatisgarh).

Zuleikha, a perfomer from America, presented her take on storydancing. She either danced sort of Kathak-fusion to songs / music or narrated simple stories herself and danced along.

She said that the goal was to achieve peace, inside and outside, through free uninhabited movements. Her costumes were colorful and pretty and the production was impressive and pleasant.

This was a statement to all those who demand definitions for everything (“story dance” – what!)

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