A simple guide to New Year Events in Delhi

Nov 26, 2018 | Dance, Music, Parties, Sponsored

Come November and there’s a nip in the air. With the changing weather, Delhi suddenly experiences a surge in events, festivals and happening dos all over the city. It is the season to be out, to be merry and Delhiites know how to make the most of the chill. On one hand there are Christmas Cake mixing ceremonies, on the other hand Delhi celebrates huge events like Trade Fair etc. On one hand some are making plans to visit Goa for New Year Party, and on the other hand, some are looking for New Year Events in Delhi. No matter where you are, here are a few things to remember while planning to celebrate New Year 2019

  1. Plan in advance – We are stating the obvious here. You have slogged yourself throughout the year and now’s the time to put on the party shoes and head to a happening place for New Year Party. Enter New Year 2019 by partying, eating, dancing and having a good time. Check out the best places for New Year Parties in your city and book in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on the hottest places to party.
  2. Don’t Drink and Drive – Yes it’s clichéd but we will say it once again and some more. The best way to enjoy a safe New Year Party is by taking a friend along who is a teetotaler or by hiring a cab. You owe this to yourself, your family and others on the road. Once you have a dedicated person to take you home safely, you can go all footloose and fancy free and enjoy the party to the fullest.
  3. Eat before you step out – Never go to a party empty stomach. It’s always a good decision to eat something light before going to a party. New Year parties in Delhi can be really crazy. By the time you are done saying hellos and posing for selfies it’s already a couple of hours in the party. You may not notice but staying empty stomach for long can take a toll on your digestive system. Moreover if you have eaten something before the party you are less likely to consume junk.
  4. Hunt in Groups – Leave that quiet romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day. New Year Parties are fun in big groups. Make a Whatsapp group – Maybe call it NYE 2019. Add your friends. Discuss and shortlist New Year Events in Delhi here. It’s easier in a group rather than calling individual friends and asking about their availability etc. It can be a one point solution to coordinate when to meet, where to meet and who is picking whom. Enjoy New Year by partying with friends – more the merrier.
  5. Gift a party – There can’t be a better New Year Gift than couple passes to most happening New Year Events in town. Surprise your friends and family by gifting them a great time on New Year 2019. They are going to remember this thoughtful gift and your lovely gesture throughout the year. **If our friends are thinking we are giving them a hint, well they are not entirely wrong 😉

Do let us know in comments what kind of events are your favorite New Year Events and how do you celebrate New Year 2019

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  1. Jessica

    This list is perfect for a night on the town as well, even though it’s small scale. Delhi looks beautiful and I’m sure the nightlife is amazing.

  2. soonjoo

    This would be really fun to celebrate New Year’s in Delhi! I totally agree partying with more groups of people is fun especially with locals!

  3. Amber Myers

    This is such a great guide. I am boring and will be spending New Years at home with my family. We’ll probably watch a bunch of movies and pig out.

  4. Keshia Richmond

    I would love for someone to gift me a party for New Year’s as the article suggests. What fun that would be!

  5. Latte Lindsay

    I would love to see New Year in Delhi, it looks like an amazing time.

  6. Tara Pittman

    Eating before a party is always a good thing. Also dont drink and drive is a must so great tips

  7. passportofawanderwoman

    Perfect list especially the last one. Great write up. I think pretty much everything would apply to any major city or place.

  8. Alvern at Success Unscrambled

    There is always safety in groups. This is a safe way for everyone to enjoy the new year celebrations.

  9. AnythingRad.Com

    It’s great to plan ahead especially for a festive occasion such as the new year! A lot of people have plans outside homes, and having a plan or two of the what-to-do’s and whre-to-go’s would be best… I haven’t had an opportunity to have a new year event at New Delhi, but I guess it would be a wonderful experience to do so!

  10. Shoni MunchTrip

    There are only two types of persons during New Years — those who stay at home and those who party! Thanks for these tips. They can definitely be helpful still if you were in a different city.

  11. What Corinne Did

    Oooooh I wish I was celebrating new year’s eve in delhi! it sounds so festive and amazing!

  12. blair villanueva

    OMG time flies so fast and New Year is coming! That’s why I need to finished all my blog works because December is my kind of holiday!

  13. LiveLoveAndAdventure

    What a great list! I can’t believe we are looking at things for New Year’s eve already. This year has gone by so quickly! I’d love to check out NYE in Delhi!!

  14. Hannah Marie

    Great list! I always eat light before attending any event. It’s the best decision, haha! I must be fun celebrating New Year in Delhi!

  15. Dalene Ekirapa

    Never go to a party with an empty stomach! That , I will have to agree on. I always tend to eat well before leaving the house too.

  16. The Beauty flicks

    Spending new year eve in Delhi is amazing. Thanks for telling others about our capital.

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