Chitraanjali – Documentary

Sep 12, 2012 | Documentary

Details: Chitraanjali – Documentary

Venue: India Habitat Centre


The film is about Polish artist Stefan Norblin , who found a safe place to stay in India during World War II. It shows the journey of the painter, who worked for many Indian royal families like Morvi, Ramgarh and Jodhpur in India before Independence.

The documentary shows  some of the finest of the art from Mumbai and palatial architecture of that era. The director and cinematographer were present for an interaction post screening.

CollaborationPolish Institute in New Delhi



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  1. Bumba

    Stefan Norblin’s paintings of the Hindu deities is devoid of religious inhibitions. Influenced by European style, his depictions don’t offend but present our Shiv, Durga, Radha or Krishna in fresh loght. For instance – in the above poster, Durga, in a breastplate and a white robe, has been made to look like a Greek war goddess; while Sita, in her “patal pravesh” (return to the earth) painting, resembles the peaceful and compassionate Mary.

    A telling statement about fusion in art – way back
    in the 1940s!


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