The Kite Runner – The Famous Book is Now An Aadyam Play

Oct 16, 2019 | Theatre

Date: 6 October 2019
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, Delhi

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” said Shakespeare in the much loved work As you like it.

With the onset of the pleasant late autumn cool weather and festivities all around, Delhi is on fire with celebrations, shopping and much more. But as Shakespeare said in his much loved piece of work “As You Like It”, the proceedings are somewhat incomplete without a touch of drama.

Therefore, it is also time for a new season of Aadyam plays in Delhi. Season 5 of Aadyam is here and we managed to watch both the plays staged till now in this season. The latest production was something that would excite all book lovers. Khaled Hussaini’s debut and the most loved novel “The Kite Runner” has been adapted for a stage production. The play is directed by Aakarsh Khurana and is part of Aadyam line up of plays this year.

The much accoladed “The Kite Runner” was first published in 2003 and since then has been a favourite among masses and critics alike. The book has already been made in a wonderful film that we watched a few years back and we were hoping the stage production also do justice to the book. The story is so touching and painful you just can’t afford to see a shoddy job done with that. Set in 1975, the poignant tale of two friends Amir and Hassan during tumultuous times in Afghanistan comes alive on the stage in this theatrical adaptation of “The Kite Runner”. Thankfully the director, play write and the entire cast did a decent job of recreating this story as a theatre production.

The story line is the hero here and to be frank when you already know what is coming ahead, the onus is on the cast as well as the director to make sure you watch the play till the end. It is a beautiful feeling to attach some faces to your favourite characters from the book. Amir and Hasan played respectively by Nipun Dharmadhikari and Abhishek Saha do justice to their roles specially when there is no child in the cast and the adult actors have to pull both the ages – kids and adults while assaying Amir and Hasan.

The journey of Amir from Afghanistan to California and then back to Afghanistan is not just a switch of geographical locations but also a journey of emotions, relationships, realisations and towards the end, revelations too. Most among the audience would have read the book and consequently aware of the story. Yet the plot keeps the audience glued to their seats till the climax as the relationship between Amir and Hasan is redefined closer to the end of the play.

All said and done, The Kite Runner is a play that brings back hope, that sometimes past can be fixed too, maybe by not going back in time but by fixing what lies ahead in the future.

Looking forward to watching more plays from Aadyam Season 5.

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  1. Art & Home

    I have not yet red The Kite Runner, but I think I might have to add it to my winter reading list after reading your post!

  2. chad

    I would love to check this out, this is amazing!!! I hope they come to Toronto.

  3. From Jess to You Services

    That is wonderful that this novel got made into a play. I really enjoyed the photos you inserted into your post too.

  4. Farah Al Zadjaly

    This looks really good. I love watching live productions as they show such emotions and tells a good story.

  5. Samar

    Ahh.. I loved this story line.

    Thank you so much for the quick update. I am going to get it.

  6. catherine santiago jose

    First time to hear about this and it looks like a good play to watch and I love the fact that this play gives a moral lesson to his/her viewers.

  7. Christopher Mitchell

    Oh, I read that book a couple of years ago, and absolutely loved it. I can imagine that book would translate rather nicely to the stage!

  8. Nicz E

    That must have been a very stunning theater show.. Watching a wonderful story done by theater actors us such a great and overwhelming experience.

  9. Sushmita

    Oh, that is so cool! I loved the book and I would love to see the rendition!

  10. Fatima Torres

    I read this book in college and it changed my life. Great story on the struggles of this boy’s life growing up.

  11. Dana Brillante-Peller

    I love a good play. This one is based on a great story of hope and focusing on your life destiny.

  12. Norma

    This seems like an awesome play. Great that The Kite Runner brings back hope about fixing the past by working on what lies ahead in the future.

  13. tweenselmom

    I’m jealous that you get to see plays like these! I used to love watching theater productions when I was in college but now, I just wish I have the opportunity to watch again.

  14. Kuntala

    I have the book Kite Runner with me. Its such an excellent read. Really appreciating to watch being enacted in a play.

  15. Olya AMANOVA

    It does ‘bring things home’. I love theater so very much and do not know any other art that makes me feel so honestly alive as a great stage play. This play has a lot to think about for sure.

  16. aisasami

    I never read The Kite Runner but this looks an interesting play and book! I would love to perform this with my local theatre troupe.

  17. Njkinny

    Oh wow! I loved the book and the play would be a fun experience, I am sure.

  18. Saadiya

    OH! I’ve read Kite Runner. How did you manage to convert it into a play? And I think this would be a live show?! Hats off to you all.

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