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Mar 15, 2017 | Sponsored, Technology

Social network has brought the world closer. It connects long lost friends, distant families, ex colleagues and so on. It disseminates news, jokes, music, recipes, life hacks and so much more. As a result, the phone continuously goes ting ting ting and I stare baffled at the long long list of feeds and posts overflowing from the screen. Not to mention the stern or exasperated gaze from the person sitting beside me.

I only want to connect to people who I know. I only want to read about topics that arouse my passion. But I got to sift the chaff from the wheat before I come across something interesting. And that to say the least takes time!

I have always longed for an online platform that does the selection. Where we can share and learn from each other’s collective knowledge pool but only in areas that are of interest.

For people like me, Affimity is an online network that brings about people with common interests together. It is the coming together of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity). It is a social network of interest-specific social channels. The website has prominent buttons for various topics and one can join only the channels of  their interests. Each channel has dedicated content – curated as well as the community buzz, and people one can follow or friend.

They have a host of active channels such as Food, Parenting, Tech and so on. By way of adventure, I created an account through a simple login process (they don’t ask for annals of useless details). Being a perennial foodie on the lookout for the new dining place or café or watering hole across the block – or in the city – or anywhere – I clicked on the Food button. Within seconds I was connected with a host of fellow food lovers and food writers with interesting and innovative information and tips about food, restaurants and recipes. It was a most exhaustive range of data that I accessed.

What made it more fun and worthwhile was that along with writings by experts in the field, many posts were by commoners – the average consumer like me – who wouldn’t care much about whether it was basil or thyme. All many of us would want is an authentic reference for a pleasant experience that is value for money. I found a host of valuable nuggets in this zone and am set for many culinary journeys in the next couple of weekends.

I wanted to share my two bits worth as well and went to the “Write Something” section and then merrily typed away about a nice food experience. It got posted immediately and has already started evoking comments!

I am techno-fob and lack patience in figuring out social media. I would only be interested about things that are happening in my areas of passion. Affimity helps me do just that. It opens up a world that’s just me, my interests and others who share my interests. Affimity Android and iPhone apps ensure that I am always connected via my mobile device.

For all of you who are done with being bombarded with tons of mindless data every hour – try Affimity.

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