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Dec 21, 2018 | Things to do in Delhi, Travel, Wildlife

Date: 6 Dec 2018
Venue: Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Okhla

Delhi NCR could have been a sovereign tourism spot on its own! We have written about its history, its culture, its food and the enormous fun activities we are happy to do and report here.  But did you know that there is a proper marshland off Noida? It’s the Okhla Bird Sanctuary that is home to about 200 species of migratory birds from autumn to winter.

We drove around Okhla and parked at Gate No. 2. There is a dedicated Okhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station as well on Magenta Line. The ticket prices were very nominal. DSLR cameras have no charge but video cameras are additionally chargeable.

Once inside we were almost transported to scenes from Africa. There were big water bodies with countless ducks in many colors dotting the surface. Ornithologist Mr. K. D. Singh took us on a bird walk inside the sanctuary and showed us many species. We could see the Bar Head duck and the Pink Headed ducks. The Saras Cranes and Egrets were regal. We also saw darters that have snake like long necks. The sight was in a single word incredible.

We walked around for a couple of hours. But bicycles are also available on loan for navigating inside the park. The park had a bamboo foot bridge and a watch tower. We climbed up and could see the Okhla Barrage area.

No food or drinks are allowed inside though we could carry water. Long after our trip was over, we were still in trance. It was like a holiday from nowhere. Trip to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary was an opener about so many unexplored marvels that we are yet to unravel in Delhi NCR. It was an apt Things to do in Delhi Winters. We are at it so please check us out for more such stories.

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