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Jan 21, 2020 | City, Delhi Darshan, Things to do in Delhi

Date: 19th Jan 2020
Venue: Delhi

The diversity of life with change of seasons is unique in India. Delhi in particular experiences 360-degree shift during summer and winter. There is so much Delhites look forward to with changing seasons. We have previously covered some of our favourite summer activities in Delhi.

This time, it is Delhi winter that broke all records. Almost a month and it is still going strong. Dilli ki sardi is famous all over the country this year. Friends and family from across the globe are calling just to know about Delhi winter this season, it is like a legend. While Delhites toss and turn in discomfort, many from across the country are coming up to Delhi to just experience the winter. They want to be outdoors and make the most of the cool weather. Delhi is figuratively cool in winter in terms of activities too. We love being outside all the time, of course layered up suitably. In fact, we got very many enquiries in connection with things to do and we were at a loss of what NOT to suggest. But then, we decided to exercise some brevity and list out the fun dos that can be fitted in a short vacation to Delhi as well.

Here is a guide to top things to do in Delhi winters.

Visit heritage places in Delhi

Delhi has been the central point of various dynasties in India. The landscape of this city is a summation of Muslim, Mughal, British and Hindu architecture. It is just so vast and spread out that we totally get why not all these pieces from our history have not been uniformly maintained. Yet, there are some that still stand tall and are clean and tour-friendly. These involve climbing stairs and walking around in the open and doing these places in summers could be very depleting. Plus you can see the minarets, the carvings or the paintings best in sunlight. The winter season is therefore most suitable for visiting these places. Apart from getting the best view and shots, you get to soak up on warmth and Vitamin D.

Qutub Minar

There is so much already written on Qutub Minar. Without getting into historical details about this 13th century mausoleum, all we can say is that it is a beautiful synthesis of various forms of architecture. Much of the surrounding areas have been destroyed over time. Yet, the ruins add a lot of character to Qutub Minar. With sprawling lawns around the area, and very reasonable entry fee, it is a perfect outdoor spot to spend a winter day. In fact, The Qutub Minar has now been illuminated to promote night tourism. The golden hue literally throws a new light on this architecture. In the evenings, this place looks like a romantic dreamland. So you can drop on an evening too to see the Qutub Minar lighting magic.

Humayun’s Tomb

The Humayun’s Tomb was commissioned by his chief consort Empress Bega Begum. This wonderful and elaborate piece of architecture was built in the 16th century. Additionally this is also the burial site for Humayun’s family members and many nobles of that era. The area is surrounded by sprawling lawns and gardens that are maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Humayun’s Tomb is somewhat an earlier version of Taj Mahal. The chief difference between these two mausoleums is that Humayun’s Tomb is made of red sandstone combined while Taj Mahal is white marble. A visit to Humayun’s Tomb requires ample walking and may not be easy to maneuver on a hot sunny day. Hence this place is best visited in winter.

Soak in nature

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Delhi

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary hosts many varieties of migratory birds during winter months. It is like a surprise water body cum marshland in the heart of the city. The trees and bushes, extensive swamp and marshes, wooden watch towers and footbridge and the barrage makes it look like an African forest. Do not miss out on carrying your binoculars while visiting the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. It is an early morning activity but totally worth compromising on sleep.

Lodi Garden

The Lodhi Garden is a perfect blend of nature and history. It is a 90 acre open area virtually in the heart of the city. It also has a host of old structures by way of tombs that date back to the 16th century. Not far from Jorbagh Metro Station, one can easily cover this site using public transport. You can pack a picnic basket and visit the garden. Go for long walks in the morning sun and stock up the essential Vitamin D for strong bones and vitality.

Fairs and Exhibitions in Delhi

Dilli Haat

Given the craft shopping zone Dilli Haat was designed as a traditional Indian village market, most of the area is open. It is only the stalls that are housed in the covered brick rooms on the side. You can soak in some sun while enjoying the beauty of Indian handicrafts during your visit here. The place overflows with stunning hand-woven shawls and hand-knitted winter wear in this season.

Dilli Haat also has a thriving food court with stalls from various states of India. Hence you can have an eclectic meal here sitting alfresco or under the shades and umbrellas. Winter is a very busy time at Dilli Haat and some special exhibitions or fairs keeps happening. They also organise cultural performances in their amphitheater and random groups perform all over the area. Festivals like Lohri are also celebrated here.

Winter special dishes in Delhi

Daulat ki Chaat at Chandni Chowk

We stumbled upon this dish quite by accident. We were in Dariba Kalan of Chandni Chowk and saw these carts serving some very unusual-looking food item. This happened to be Daulat ki Chaat. Totally out of curiosity, we ordered a plate, and then it was sure ecstasy. We reordered and reordered. It was a wonder how we were alive all these years without having this. This dish, we are told, originated in Lucknow and is available in Delhi only in winter months – November to March. But we are not giving any more details what exactly is Daulat ki Chat. Don’t search internet for this dish; just visit Chandni Chowk and try it. Likely chances you will thank us forever.

Sarson ka Saag

This post would not be complete if we do not mention Sarson ka Saag or mustard leaves curry (the translation sounds just hilarious). This is the time when mustard leaves are available in abundance. These are plucked, cooked with some seasoning, topped with butter, and had with cornbread or Makke ki Roti. While typing this part our mouth waters. It is essentially a delicacy from Punjab. If you are Punjabi by way of ethnicity, then there are very odd chances that you are not having this at home. If you are not Punjabi, then this is what you do – hound your Punjabi friends or neighbours to cook this for you. It is totally worth every iota of guilt you feel for imposing. The last resort is of course restaurants in Delhi that serve North Indian food. Try this at a relatively simple place and go easy on the oil and butter. Do have it with Makke ki Roti, or any other Roti you like. It is a combo made in heaven.

This is one singular reason that we miss Delhi winter throughout the year.

What are your favourite things to do in winter in your city? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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  1. sushmita

    Humayun’s tomb for soaking in the sun, having the best shawarma at al-bake – I can go on about Delhi winters! Love and miss Delhi so much 🙂

  2. Pon

    Wonderful suggestions and pictures. I have never been to Delhi, and always scared to plan a trip during winter. But your post has inspired me to give a try.

  3. JoyDellaVita

    Thank you for your tips! Currently I’m debating which season is best to visit Delhi? Usually I’m a off-season traveller, therefore, would you rather recommend summer or winter for first-time visitors to Delhi?

  4. tweenselmom

    Winter in Delhi looks fun, the food seems to be wonderful, especially that you get to share them with good company in a cold weather.

  5. Humaira

    Amazing and beautiful post. Winter is the season of tender hearts and mellow setting. Delhi is perfect for several fun activities . Great thoughts.

  6. Celebrate Woman Today

    So much to enjoy and to learn for me. Would love to visit Delhi in the winter time!

  7. Raksha

    Except for Okhla Bird Sanctuary, I have visited all of them listed. Delhi has so many things to do and it’s so difficult to cover everything in just one trip.

  8. Sandy N Vyjay

    Visiting Delhi is always fun. But visiting Delhi when it is in the grip of winter is an altogether different experience. Apart from the many historic and heritage sites of the city, relishing local Delhi food in the winter is in itself a great experience for us.


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