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Sep 13, 2016 | Sponsored, Technology

Technology has shrunk the world and social media has gone even one step further. It has fitted the world in your pocket. Gone are the days when phones were used to get in touch with people. Now internet and especially social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, has enabled people to tell the world from where they shop, what they eat, what they like to what is their political view on an issue.

In a nutshell, social media has revolutionized the online world and in turn has started influencing our offline reality in a big way. We take the case of Whatsapp that has emerged as one of the biggest social media platforms of all times. Millions of posts are shared on Whatsapp everyday and no wonder smart phone users are hooked on to this wonderful app. It not only provides one to one interaction like a messaging app, but allows like minded people to create groups to socialise among themselves. Ask any person with a smart phone and he is part of some Whatsapp group/s like friends, family, office colleagues, gym friends and what not.

The list of features of this amazing app is endless.  One of the most popular features of Whatsapp would be the option to update the user’s status. Whatsapp Status can instantly convey how you feel on a particular day. For example, a status update like  “Just another manic Monday…” is sufficient to tell people how your mood is, while going to work at the beginning of the week.

If you are one of those who like to keep changing Whatsapp status and want a place for inspiration, www.Whatsstatus.com is your go-to option. This website is a collection of thousands of funny, quirky and cool statuses that are written by a pool of creative status writers. You can find a unique Whatsapp status that appeals most to you, reflects your mood for the day and use on your favourite smart phone app.

The website is extremely user friendly. Take this – for ease of search, all the Whatsapp statuses are segregated in several categories. People who are in a hurry can simply go to Top Status page and choose from one of the most popular Whatsapp status.

The website doesn’t stop here.  It also features the other end of the spectrum. If you are one of those imaginative souls, who are bubbling with awesome ideas for Whatsapp status messages, go sign up with them as a contributor and submit your best Whatsapp status with them. And while satisfying your creative urge,  you get paid for doing this. The contributor program is open to Indian as well as international contributors. Once you register with the website as a contributor, you get your own dashboard where you can update your profile, check your earnings, see pending and approved Whatsapp status messages etc.

Whatsstatus.com is easy and fun and very useful for everybody who is hooked on to Whatsapp. Visit www.Whatsstaus.com to learn more about how to use this fantastic site and start earning using your creativity. There – you have your cake and eat it too!

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