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Jul 27, 2021 | Food

This is one more for Kolkata.

A trip to Kolkata, more often than not, is all about soaking in the old world charm. Like the tramcar and the yellow Ambassador taxi. Most of the cafes in Kolkata that we have reviewed are traditional with n number of years of heritage behind them. While walking to one of these cafes, Rao’s Udupi, we spotted another smart-looking space from outside. Done in a rather Parisian street-side style, this café looked cool yet unassuming.

Café By The Lane, Southern Avenue

In parity with the first impression, Café By The Lane, or CBTL, is a very matter-of-fact name for a hospitality establishment. By the looks, it could not have been very old. We do not recall seeing this café during our last trip to Kolkata when we had passed by this lane. This actually is the southern and more modern part of Kolkata. No wonder this area throws surprises almost every time we are here. In fact, friends from the city tell us that South Kolkata cafes are the latest hangout joints in this metropolis.

Café By The Lane menu

The menu at CBTL is thankfully not very long. Moreover, we found the menu to be predominately continental with a host of beverages on the side. We ordered roasted pork as the main dish. The sweetish flavored pork slices were served with mashed potatoes, boiled peas and corns, and garlic bread. The dish was tasty and with a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fiber, a complete meal.  Brownie points to the chef for getting the mashed potatoes just right – without any lump.

We ordered a brownie and coffees Affogato and Americano by way of completing the meal. They also had many fancy tea infusions. The descriptions were exotic and although we did not order, they looked so beautiful while being served on other tables.

Café by the Lane ambiance

The café is not very big. However, the size has lent this café a sense of cozy comfort. The décor comprising a faux London telephone booth, a piano, books, and other European memorabilia gives the place a quaint modern kitsch look. They have a few tables in the passage outside and if you want privacy, that’s your spot. The indoor space is air-conditioned and the outdoor tables have fans. While the café has a distinct décor style, it does not create a sense of pretense nor interfere with the dining experience. The staff serves with a smile, and that nicely rounds up the experience.

How to reach Café By The Lane

Café By The Lane is located on Lake Terrace, off Southern Avenue. There is a famous Sai Baba Mandir in this area and the café is virtually opposite. India’s first metro rail service was introduced in Kolkata and this place is about a 10-minute walk from Kalighat station. This place is also serviceable by radio taxi services or Kolkata’s iconic yellow taxi.

We suggest you can couple your visit to CBTL with a ride on the unique tramcar in Kolkata. You should get down at Deshapriya Park and then it is just a few minutes walk from here. The location of the café is available on Google Maps.

Other attractions near Café By The Lane

Café By The Lane is adjacent to the Rabindra Sarovar. This is a huge waterbody, commonly known as the “lake” in Kolkata. This area has been beautified in the last decade and a walk beside the lake is sheer bliss. There are many benches on the lakeside. This zone is perhaps one of the most romantic spots in Kolkata.

Birla Academy is located just beside the lake. It is an institution with art galleries and theatre halls. They have a huge monolithic statue of Krishna installed on the lawn. The statue is called Mangal Madhav. It is a very enchanting form where the divine flute is stuck on Krishna’s waistband. Mangal Madhav is worth a standalone visit to this area.

If you are here, you are also very near to Gariahat Market, one of the oldest and expansive markets of Kolkata. Be it Bengal cotton saris, kurtas or dhotis or an assortment of Bengali sweets, this market has it all. There are hundreds of shops here and it could take you the whole day. It does make sense to fuel yourself up before or after the shopping expedition.

Good option during Durga Puja in Kolkata

Try this café in between other activities in South Kolkata such as shopping, walk at Rabindra Sarovar, and so on. Given that this café is a little isolated, it may be a great option during Durga Puja when every place is overflowing with diners in Kolkata.

Lastly, we realised that this place does not have a lot of seating capacity. However, they have table reservation facilities so go ahead and use that.

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  1. Aishwarya Iyengar

    The cafe seems to be really good, and loved the blog, the way you potrait everything ❤️


    I definitely want to visit Kolkata soon. And I’m putting this cafe on my list. The food looks delicious and totally my type!!

  3. Milan Singhal

    Ah such a beautiful quaint looking cafe. Love the vibrant colours of the walls. I am sure the food is good too.

    • Debarshi Pramanik

      Nice information regarding this cafe, which to me remained unknown to me, though I often visit the gariahat- lake stretch once in a while.
      I will be dropping here soon, to experience the details.
      Thanks for your write up.

      • Delhifundos

        Let us know how did you like it..

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    The Cafe By The Lane seems to be a cozy place for a quiet meal. Really love the green ambience. The old typewriter adds a vintage touch to the interiors. Definitely a place with character. Sandy N Vyjay.

  5. Jais

    I have been to Kolkata. I got the recommendation for this place by locals. It’s a great place to hangout for a while.

  6. Seema Bardeskar

    Kolkatta is one place I want to visit. One of my best friend’s is from there and I live the authentic vibes the city has. Will definitely visit Cafe by the lane…

  7. Rahul Prabhakar

    On my first visit to Kolkata, Beda, I will definitely visit Cafe By The Lane, as suggested by you. I never forget to bookmark all the food joints that you promote on your site. Lovely pictures and writeup as always.

  8. Pamela Mukherjee

    The Cafe seems to be amazing as the asthetic pictures and the food say that. I would love to visit this place someday.

  9. Rakhi Parsai

    The cafe gives such happy and cozy feeling by the pictures you have shared here. Kolkata has a unique charm in all the places that I see via the pictures. So wish to visit this lovely place.

  10. Indrani

    I have been to this cafe. Love the ambience.

  11. Jhilmil D Saha

    I am a cafe hopper, when it comes to my Kolkata trips. Having brought up in South Kolkata, I have covered almost all cafes in the area. This seems to be a new one and definitely an addition in my list to be covered.

  12. Raksha

    Such as cosy cafe! The food looks delicious and the decor so old and rustic, its beautiful. I love the typewriter. I will definitely visit the Cafe by the lane when I am in Kolkata.

  13. Hema

    I love the rustic and classy ambience , it is super unique and eye catching. I am surely gonna pay a visit here soon. Thanks for the review.

  14. Paresh Godhwani

    The best part about this Cafe culture is how they come up with different themes and ideas. I loved this retro themed restaurant full of greenery.

  15. Gunjan Upadhyay

    The cafe looks amazing, the plants and the overall vibe is absolutely worth a visit. I have some friends back in Kolkata, I am sure they would love hanging out there.

  16. Monika Sehdev

    Waoh. Seems a really beautiful and fun place for hangout. Loved the way you described. 👍🏻

  17. Bhawna Shah

    The love the decor of the cafe. I can imagine mind peace of this place, having some food in between lots of green plants, simply superb.

  18. Yogita Joshi

    Wow this seems a great cafe. Great ambience and great food. I m surely gonna share with my friends in and around Kolkata.

  19. Docdivatraveller

    This is such a fun place to stop by and have a cuppa!


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