Aahana – A Wellness Resort in Jim Corbett

Mar 14, 2018 | Health, Travel

Dates: 04-06 Mar 2018
Venue: Jim Corbett Uttarakhand

Gujias are our poison. We can’t even confess how many of those we had this Holi and were dealing with a lot of post Holi guilt. Coupled with this was our longstanding plan of visiting Jim Corbett National Park. So just the day after Holi we were at Ahaana The Corbett Wilderness.

Aahana is a luxury resort. It is a lavish property sprawling over acres with villa style structures. The rooms are beautifully done up with Victorian wood work – we actually had a coat hanger stand in our room! A separate sitting area, small pantry and mini bar and a fancy bath tub hand inlaid with stone chips was sheer decadence.

But there is more to Aahana than a fancy stay. This is a wellness centre which takes us back to basics. In case one is suffering from any chronic ailments such as aches, pains, indigestion or other lifestyle diseases and is done with allopathy medicines, this is the place. Ahaana has qualified naturopathy doctors who practise a combination of Ayurveda, Panchakarma cleansing processes, western spa and a multitude of therapies to treat problems. During our brief chat with Dr. Brij Bhushan and Dr. Suman here, what we understand is that the basic key to wellness is cleansing or detoxing. Hence, based on your requirement, a tailor made health program is devised that includes yoga, therapies, special diets, spa treatments and so on. The therapies could last from a day to ten days and at the end of this period you are a new person – clean and ready for a fresh start.

While we would love to try out their elaborate programs, we only had a day and that left us with some cleansing processes early in the morning followed by a very rigorous yoga session. Post breakfast, which is an elaborate spread we must say, we went for our therapies. The therapy rooms, amidst lush greed surroundings, were beautifully done up with traditional furniture, sparkling Kerala style brass ware and fresh flowers and leaves. Their fragrance lingered in the air.

Given the hectic lives we lead in the NCR, we wanted some de-stressing sessions that started with Sarvanga Abhayanga. This was an Ayurvedic body massage to relax the body and strengthen the muscles. We were administered a deep tissue message thereafter. The intent was to release stress from the muscles and clear chronic muscle tensions. The sessions were followed by a relaxing steam bath. We were half asleep by then and the herbal tea and honey lemon juice brought us back to our senses. We felt clean, fresh and rejuvenated. This is just the tip of the ice berg and you should indulge in the therapies to experience what we mean.

The good doctors here gave us some life changing tips for remaining up for it everyday. There are so simple and can be easily integrated in our lives. We want to share these tips with our readers.

– Have 2 heavy meals every day along with other smaller meals.

– Have 2 litres of water every day

– Fast or have a light diet (soups, fruits, juices) once a week

– Exercise for an hour every day

– Spend some time in prayer every day. This reminded us that we should “pray not wish because its God and not a genie”.

Amazing life hacks – isn’t it?

While we are very urban people, this break at Aahana amidst the lap of nature made us go berserk. We walked and walked and when we could not walk any more, Aahana provided us bicycles! We bicycled to the nearby villages and after eons had the time of our lives.

To sum it, Aahana is providing a wide range of experience beyond Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett that vacillate between luxury and responsibility. Throw in lavish breakfast, bicycle ride to local village, sturdy hammock and bonfire at night and jungle safari, we were in heaven on earth.

Aahana – The Wellness Resort in Jim Corbett showed immense potential – experience this Fun-Do for yourself.

Here’s a vlog from our latest visit to Aahana Resort in 2022

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    Seems like a great place – how is the summer scene here?

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    Lovely pics guys btw

  5. vishnu

    Do they have a website? Where can I get more information about their Naturopathy treatments?

    • Delhifundos

      Hi Vishnu. You can get more information about Aahana Resorts and their Naturopathy treatments on their website aahanaresort.com

  6. Pranab Basu

    Your Loacal Rogersville Pharmacy Crossroads has a simple and logical site that is intuitive for all populations. Medicines can be searched by category or alphabetically. The assortment of the pharmacy has a wider selection of goods, there are also hygiene products, dietary supplements, medical equipment and more.

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